“Protect your family! Protect your investment! By securing your home with a Digital Door Lock, you will have peace of mind, security and convenience.  Our locks are keyless and pickproof. Sleep soundly knowing your family is safe.” - Frederick Chong, Digital Locksmith
Hyundai DoorCap Smart Hyundai DoorCap Touch Gateman SB740
Usual Price : USD299  (SGD 499)
NOW ONLY :   USD249 (SGD 429)

DoorCap Smart (RFID)
The DoorCap Smart has everything you would need in a Digital Door Lock. From built-in alarm, to automatic / manual locking modes, to Dual PIN entry, to 9V back-up battery terminals, to Night Deadbolt and Wrong-try lockout.

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Usual Price : USD250  (SGD 410)
NOW ONLY :   USD180 (SGD 300)

DoorCap Touch (iButton)

Everything you wanted in a Digital Door Lock at a low, low price. Same features as DoorCap Smart, except it is using iButton. It has a keypad too, so PIN access is also available. Pickproof and extremely secure.

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Gateman SB740 (Biometric)
New in the Gateman series, this model is currently only on pre-order. It isn't released internationally yet, but we are bringing in some units for the first-movers! Super-cool, ultra-radical Fingerchip technology, not the usual stuff.
LATEST NEWS : Test units in!
Our review on the SB740 is out.  Do let us know if you have any more questions and queries.
Review - click here
DoorCap Touch now in, Gateman SB740 in the test lab!
We listen to our customers.  We have had numerous requests to bring in models which are lower-priced, and yet feature-packed as well as more varied models.  2 models about to be released are the affordable DoorCap Touch (which uses an iButton key) and the latest fingerprint model by Gateman, the SB740, (which utilises a fingerchip instead of the conventional capacitor or platen type of reader).  DoorCap Touch is in! We hope to fulfill the SB740 pre-orders by March 2006.
“The SnapAlarm was a breeze to set up. It was ready to go in just a few seconds. Open, and clip on. It was that simple. Previously, our smoke alarm was sitting on top of the TV console, simply because it was too difficult to install, what with drilling and screwing required.  We ordered two more units for our bedrooms as well.” - Nicholas Wong, Punggol
SnapAlarm GSM Home Alarm Head Wizard
SnapAlarm Optical Smoke Alarm
Today's smoke detectors work well – that is if they are in place. Now there is Snapalarm – a completely new design for smoke detectors. Easy to install and easy to put in the right place.
The unique feature of Snapalarm is its patented installation technique. You simply place the alarm in the cord of a pendant lamp with a click. No need to drill holes. It fits most cords, chains and rods, up to 2 cm.
And it looks good too!
The GSM Home Alarm
Using the GSM infrastructure, the GSM Home Alarm system provide protection for your home, shop or office.
This relieves your dependency on a monthly subscription required by some security vendors, whilst enhancing your home security.
The capability to control, listen in and re-arm your home alarm can be done from anywhere in the world.
Siren, Sensors, Microphone and PIR unit included in the complete set. 
The Head Wizard Massager
The Head Wizard is a popular octopus-shaped head massager that was crafted to provide its owner (or his/her partner) with the ultimate scalp massage. The 14 legs are made with 100% copper wire and when gently massaged on your head, works by stimulating up to 14 points of pressure at the same time. Not only is this product entertaining, it also produces a euphoric feeling as it gently stimulates the scalp.
“The ScanGauge lets me monitor my car as well as my petrol consumption as directly linked to my right foot on the pedal. I can watch as the Kilometers-per-litre and Litres-per-hour change with my driving. As a result, I get more mileage per tank now. With the ScanGauge, I am also able to check my car's error codes and clear them.” - Melvin Goh, Honda Civic Owner, Scangauge user
ScanGauge GSM Car Alarm  
The ScanGauge™
This new 3-in-one Automotive Computer plugs directly into the OBD2 port under the dashboard of most new cars made after 1996. The ScanGauge™ is a scanning tool, a digital gauge and a trip computer all rolled into one little box.
Perfect for the fuel-saver in each of us as it allows us to monitor petrol usage according to our driving styles.
Type R GSM Car Alarm
The latest in the line of GSM Car alarms, this baby has a password protected remote and a wireless immobiliser. When triggered, the system calls up to 2 phone numbers to notify of the situation. Listen in & cut-off the engine if necessary.
GSM network required. SIM card not included.
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