Gateman SB740
Customer's comments upon trying out our demo units.

"Amazingly fast!" - Mr Tho
"Very very cool! When can I get mine?" - Mr Goh
"Faster than anything else I've ever tried! Looks better than the competition too!" - Mr Wong
"I'm not going to be looking for any other Biometric locks anymore. I know what I want!" - Mr Chia

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Outer body view

Side view

Side view (open)

Inner Body

Close up view

SB740 Features

Biometric Lock
Never have to carry a key again. Your fingerprint is your key.

Reliable, replicable scanning Fingerchip
The scanning device is highly reliable and recognition accurate.

Remote Control capable
Patented Wireless Floating ID technology for Remote Control can be added on with a Receiving Module.

Automatic / Manual Lock modes
 Auto-lock or manual locking capable.

Admin Manager mode
In the mode A, deleting of individual fingerprint templates are possible.

Fire safe
Unlocks when it detects a fire on the inside of your home. Alarm is sounded as well.

PIN & Fingerprint mode
In mode B, double security level is employed, where a specific PIN activates the Fingerprint scanner. For use when higher security is required.

Self-Check function
The SB740 does a self-diagnosis for problems with every movement.

Mute capable
If silent operation is desired, all lock sounds can be disabled. Lights will show operations.

Alarm Duration programmable
Alarm sounding duration is programmable to 3, 10, 30 minutes or infinite.

Child-safe Deadbolting
New design for night deadbolting. Deadbolting disables all functions on the outside, when the household is asleep at night.

SB740 Dimensions :
Outer Body :
41(D) x 80(W) x 170(H) mm 
Inner Body :
42(D) x 162(W) x 90(H) mm

For More info, to purchase or for a demo,
please contact us at
(65) 6726 7495
or email us at

The Gateman SB740 is our latest Biometric Digital Door Lock on offer and it is set to take the world by storm! (if not for it's price!)

Getting it out of the box

When we got our hands on this unit, we were very, very excited as our guys in Korea had been playing with it for some time already and they were raving about it.  We simply couldn't wait to get our sweaty paws on it!

Like other rim locks, this model is designed to be simple enough for the handyman, the occasional DIYer or the ubergeek to put together. Instructions for installation are in illustration format and everything (except tools and drill bits) are included in the box.

Once we got it out of the box, we were eagerly drooling over the sleek design, and the fingerchip too! It's the first time we've seen such a clean integration of new technologies in a long time!

Ultra fast recognition and unlocking

Once we got it mounted up on our demo door, we did some test runs and to our surprise, it recognised and unlocked the door in what we believe to be record time. It was so fast, we had to compare it back-to-back with our other locks.  It lost out to the RFID range by only 1 to 1.5 seconds, max.  If this is compared to taking your wallet, keytag, purse, keychain, mobile phone or keypouch out of your pocket to get to the front of the RFID lock, the SB740 will beat all RFID locks hands down! (though in that position, you'd not be able to scan your fingerprint on the front of the lock. :P)

Comparing it back-to-back with our other biometric models, the SB740 simply outshines them all. The only differentiation, would be the hefty price-tag to pay for it, as compared to our other rim-lock biometric models.

We were so excited with the recognition, we had to test it out with other people. 2 of our staff brought it for their daily appointments and we got 3 more orders on Thursday alone. First-movers don't really care about price-tags, that is what we have found out.  An amazing product is worth every cent of its exhorbitant price-tag. Trust us!

Features, features, features!

Most of the features are listed on the side bar. But we still want to name a few.

For the current biometric locks we sell, we always get questions on whether we are able to delete individual fingerprint templates of users, whether we are able to set a security level so that fingerprint registration is possible only after accessing that level (via PIN or fingerprint) and whether we can set the lock to use both PIN and password. The answer to all that, with the SB740 is YES!

Normal mode : Enter using PIN or Fingerprint
Mode A : User is given an ID during registration. Enter using "mode A PIN" or Fingerprint
Mode B : User specifies a 4 digit PIN during registration. Enter using PIN, then Fingerprint.
(In both Mode A & B, de-registration of a user can be done via his or her ID or 4-digit PIN respectively.)

Also outstanding, is the capability to add remote controls to wirelessly control the lock. This uses Gateman's patented Wireless Floating ID technology as well. What can we say, we were very impressed at the improvements.

Improvements over older rim locks

By and large, we could name a few drastic improvements over older rim-locks.

The night dead-bolt is now child-proof. In most locks, the deadbolting is simply a toggling of a switch. Some companies make it stiff to prevent mischievous children from locking themselves in. The SB740's inner body sports a new design of a 2-handed deadbolting technique. This makes it impossible for a child to perform. SB740 1, other rim locks 0.

The break-in alarm is now increased to 80dB. LOUD!  Compared to the chirping of other rim locks, SB740 2, others 0.

Wireless Floating ID (mentioned in the previous section). SB740 3.

Installation wise : improvements have been made to ease the placement of the inner-body plate and mounting it together with the outer body. We should stop the onslaught now. We still want to sell our other rim locks!

Design, Ease of use, Durable Material

On the outside, the lock body exudes cool and sophistication. It looks hardy and strong and could probably stand up to the test of time. Still this lock is not meant to be used on doors which are openly exposed to harsh weather such as tropical rainfall, blizzards and extreme heat, since electronics are the main components.

On the inside, the much improved rim-lock body makes up for the appeal which most rim locks fail to provide. The double bolts give a sense of strength.

On the whole, the SB740's PIN programming, Fingerprint registration, usage and functions are all user-friendly and we don't really want to say this, ID ten T proof.


With the features of this lock standing out from the rest of the field, add to that the wireless remote control capability to that, add a fantastically loud burglar alarm, add child-proof internal deadbolting, and the super-sleek, savvy exterior body and VIOLA, we have a piece of art in our hands. Also, the single rib / fin / spine protruding at the centre of the SB740's front body does add a hint of sturdiness to the total outlook of the lock.

We believe this lock will move and shake the current biometric lock market. With just 3 demo units in hand and pictures on our site, we have sold some 11 units already, even before formally launching it.

To all who pre-ordered the SB740, we have emailed this page to you to let you know what WE think of the lock and we promise you won't be disappointed!

P.S. As promised, we have put up pictures of the side view, the inner body and some close-ups.

Additional Pictures

           Side View                               Front view                     Angled view

Thank you for the overwhelming response. The SB740 is now obsoleted and is replaced by the newer Yale Gateman YDR4110.

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