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Face The Darkness

With a LedLenser on hand, you will never fear the darkness again. Extend your play, work, training and exploring, well into the night.

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The Ledlenser Brand Story

How Ledlenser Reinvented the Flashlight


Humble Beginnings

Many revolutionary products first saw the light of day in a garage. Such was the case of the first Ledlenser. When Harald and Rainer Opolka founded the company Ledlenser in 1993, they really didn’t have much more than a garage, an old Atari computer, a set of tools, a drawing pad and around 1,000 Deutschmarks of seed capital. But that didn’t stop them from turning many a night into day with their flashes of genius, working hard and dreaming of great success during a few hours’ sleep.


A Dream

A dream that would soon become reality: Nowadays the former garage company is an international flashlight and headlamp producer, unmatched on a worldwide scale. With over 1,500 employees we share the aim of getting a little better every day – and indeed in everything we do. We are therefore continually extending our product and accessories range, scrutinizing even tried and tested ideas, and increasingly relying on sustainable energy sources. At the same time, responsibility is far more important to us than shareholder value. That’s why we prefer to invest profits in training programs and company housing for employees in China, to get involved in social projects, and to foster ecological practices.


Together with Leatherman

And because we know that you can achieve more together, we rely on strong allies: Since 2011 Zweibrüder Optoelectronics has been cooperating with the Leatherman Tool Group in the USA. Together we stand for unique innovations, top quality, environmentally-friendly technologies, as well as prizewinning design. And of course for the fact that brilliant ideas can start small – such as in a garage.


Ledlenser users tell us their stories.

The H7R,2 has been my trusty companion for many years now. The new MH10 brought me to newer heights and gave me more confidence in the dark stretches of my treks and runs. Thank you Ledlenser! 

Being a photographer and avid adventurer, the Ledlenser SEO7R and X21R.2 has come in handy in making sure I get to the destination to catch the best shots in the dark!

Using Ledlenser during our races, we are confident that our nights are safe and our journey ahead bright. The XEO19R has helped us in many rough nights and across difficult terrain. The SEO7R and H8R are our best buddies for night races. Ledlenser lights your way!

Our Corporate Clients

We have many corporations using Ledlenser in Singapore. Here are just a few.


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