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Warranty and Service

For quick warranty support, we have a few choices for you.

1. Return your faulty Ledlenser to your store of purchase with your receipt and leave the unit with them. Do remember to let the staff know the faulty issue.

2. Contact us via email at, indicating where you purchased your light. Attach a picture of the model and serial number for verification. We will let you know which store is nearest you, for you to drop off your Ledlenser.

3. If you need to find out first if there is something wrong with the light, or if you need to check if it is still within the warranty period, please use the form below to drop us a note. 

4. For urgent repairs, you can contact The Gadget Home directly via phone or Whatsapp at +65 9856 6260.

We reserve the right, within the warranty period of the Ledlenser light, to verify its authenticity, before repairing or replacing the light. Your Warranty Date will follow your original date of purchase.


Please include your Ledlenser model number and Serial Number.


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